CTO Forum: The Playbooks

In conjunction with the CTOs of 8 leading global brands representing different industry sectors, Science Group has established a Forum to address issues of material interest to R&D leaders. This CTO Forum was established to facilitate knowledge transfer between those leading the research and innovation organization of major international companies with the goal of sharing insights and of developing actionable tools and methods that can be put to practice within the R&D function. To create these outputs, Science Group participates in (and facilitates) the Forum regularly consulting with senior executives of the participating companies, drawing on its own wide base of knowledge and experience, and undertaking its own research.

Science Group is grateful for the cooperation, support and insight provided by the members of our CTO Forum.

Outputs include:

Growth & Sustainability Playbook

This Playbook, released in February 2024, addresses the apparent Growth and Sustainability paradox. It is designed primarily for those leading R&D, innovation and other business functions that share the goal of realizing progress on sustainability whilst not compromising business growth.

The Playbook contains 3 Plays, 10 Principles and 3 Tools that organisations can use internally. There are also observations and case studies from participating organisations.

Do download the Playbook and use it. 

To access a copy of the Growth & Sustainability Playbook please submit your business email address.


Net Zero Playbook

This Playbook, released in 2022, was the first output from the Science Group CTO Forum and address how to make good on Net Zero pledges. The Playbook considers 3 distinct ‘plays’; Commit, Plan, and Do. It features a maturity model against which you can assess where you are on your journey towards net zero, and presents 10 guiding principles grounded in good business practice applicable to companies in both B2B and B2C markets. 

This Playbook is a tool that R&D leadership can use as they tackle the challenge of reducing carbon. The Playbook was recently featured in the MIT Sloan Business review and the article can be accessed here.

To access a copy of the Net Zero Playbook please submit your business email address.


Email us at [email protected] if these topics resonate and you would like to have some further discussions on how to embed the principles in your own organisations.

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