Sustainable innovation

Our end-to-end Sustainable innovation services help companies make their products and manufacturing more sustainable. We roadmap the forward path. We create ‘better for planet’ value propositions. We develop more sustainable end products that deliver on sustainability whilst also delivering market value and competitive advantage.

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Conceiving, designing and delivering products for sustainability or rethinking existing products to reduce their carbon footprint, water usage or their end-of-life impact, are all part of our Sustainable innovation services.

Our experience is wide, from working with packaging companies to reduce plastic usage and improve recycling options, with food & beverage companies to consider alternative manufacturing technology to reduce scope 1 and 2 emissions impact in their processing plants, with material suppliers to look at options for circularity, and with agro-chemical companies to design novel systems for precision agriculture.


Roadmapping the journey towards more sustainable products, and defending against sustainability driven disruption

Sustainable substitutions

Finding alternatives to less sustainable chemicals, materials or processes 

Sustainable products

Innovating to create value propositions and products that are designed for sustainability and deliver on market need

Product scrutiny

Appraising the sustainability footprint of a company’s products or new value propositions to that of other products in the market

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Sustainability impacts all markets. We work across business to business, business to consumer, and professional market sectors. 

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Read a selection of sustainability-related content from across Science Group including insights and case studies.