Product stewardship

Our product stewardship services help companies to confidently manage the products in their portfolio to deliver on their commercial and sustainability promises. We identify and help manage environmental, health and commercial risks. We help business future-proof against regulatory and other sustainability-induced change.  We work with our customers to ensure the claims they make are robust and will survive external scrutiny.

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The changing regulatory environment is amongst the most significant factor influencing the products, portfolios and specifications companies maintain. Other sustainability-linked standards, pressures and influences compound the challenge for companies as they protect and grow their business.

Understanding the future direction of sustainability-related issues and forces, associated legislation and the regulatory environment in different jurisdictions is essential.  We support companies facing this challenge, whether on specific chemicals, materials, ingredients, or the products into which they are made; ensuring that your products serve the market need and helping your organisation report effectively on ESG concerns.

Auditing your value chain

Evaluating the impact of changes in regulation and new science on the use of chemicals and products, and identifying strategies to effectively manage health, environmental and commercial risk for sustainable outcomes

Safe and sustainable design

Ensuring product design, specification and use are consistent with current and future sustainability imperatives, standards, and practices whilst also aligned to the business ambition for sustainability

Advocacy and dossier development

Developing the evidence base and dossiers needed for regulatory approvals, policy positions and for communications with relevant stakeholders to future-proof products for sustainability

Claims, disclosures and reporting

Building the evidence base and narrative to support sustainability claims and reporting

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Sustainability impacts all markets. We work across business to business, business to consumer, and professional market sectors. 

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Read a selection of sustainability-related content from across Science Group including insights and case studies.