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Science Group Sustainability combines deep expertise in science, regulation and innovation, and through advisory and product development services helps organizations manage the challenges and realize the opportunities sustainability presents.

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With specialist expertise in sustainability, our pedigree in science and technology innovation and our extensive expertise in regulation across international markets we have a rare capacity to help companies to step-up to sustainability challenges.

We provide sustainability services aimed primarily at companies who produce and bring products to market; from those supplying chemical or biological formulations, materials or packaging in upstream supply chains, through to those making consumer goods, foods and beverages or even large engineered products.  We serve Leadership and project teams across R&D and other technical functions, Regulatory Compliance, Marketing and Innovation and Product supply.

We understand the complexity and are circumspect to the practicalities and trade-offs across product life cycles often associated with change, and offer intelligent actionable solutions grounded in good business practice.

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Our Management and strategy services help businesses translate their sustainability goals into mainstream business practice.  We shine a light on the opportunities and threats that sustainability creates. We bring a focus on material issues, and we work with leadership to envision the necessary transitions and outcomes.

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Our end-to-end sustainable innovation services help companies make their products and manufacturing more sustainable. We roadmap the forward path. We create ‘better for planet’ value propositions. We develop more sustainable end products that deliver on sustainability whilst also delivering market value and competitive advantage.

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Our product stewardship services help companies to confidently manage the products in their portfolio to deliver on their commercial and sustainability promises. We identify and help manage environmental, health and commercial risks. We help business future-proof against regulatory and other sustainability-induced change.  We work with our customers to ensure the claims they make are robust and will survive external scrutiny.

We have detailed knowledge and expertise in key sustainability factors including:

  • Regulatory and industry standards
  • Emerging science and enabling technology
  • Sustainability trends, policy, and tensions
  • Product, market, and business innovation
  • Commercial operations, infrastructure, and practices
  • Industry dynamics and practices in key B2B and B2C markets


We have wide experience across the spectrum of sustainability issues such as:

  • Impact to health and the environment and materials of concern
  • GHG emissions and carbon footprint reduction, energy efficiency and net zero goals
  • Design for sustainability
  • The circular economy, single use and end of life routes for both products and packaging including recycling and composting technology
  • Plastics replacement and removal and managing the associated effects and challenges
  • Sustainable packaging innovation: reduction, removal, recycling, re-use and regulatory considerations
  • Waste minimisation, mitigation and valorisation
  • Water and natural resource reduction and management
  • More sustainable alternatives: materials, chemistries, alternative proteins and plant based solutions
  • Consumer/user understanding and enabling action
  • Renewable energy and enabling technologies/chemistry and carbon capture and storage
  • Market-specific trends, such as regenerative agriculture, responding to climate change impacts and soil health

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We help you realise your sustainability ambitions through strategy, sustainable innovation and product stewardship.

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